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I just attended the webinar, “Zoom Functions for Intermediate Users.” There was discussion on how to do recordings, and play them back. Additionally, there was discussion on freezing that occurs for participants– their video and/or audio. It was stated that this is a bandwidth issue vs. a Zoom issue. I agree. I mention all of this because there is a method to assist those students who face the freezing issue while viewing a video that the host is showing during a Zoom meeting. Rather than the host showing the video (their own, YouTube, etc.)– instead send the students the link to the video in Chat, and have the students watch the video. (Be sure to tell students to mute themselves first, or you will have classroom audio chaos!) The host then waits for everyone to view the video.

I find that students who only have to go through one application to get to the video vs. the layering that occurs in a host showing a video that may be on YouTube, Blackboard, Canvas, have a better bandwidth experience. When a host shows the video, they are forcing the student to go through both the Zoom app layer first, then the video application layer (of YouTube, Blackboard, Canvas, etc.). This chokes off the student’s computer’s bandwidth capability.

Finally, my experience shows those students who join Zoom from a Chromebook will have more bandwidth issues than those who join from a laptop or desktop PC. I have been teaching via Zoom since March. During a Zoom class meeting, I can identify by viewing the Zoom gallery view those students who are logged into Zoom via a Chromebooks vs. laptops/desktops. Without fail, those students that have logged into Zoom via Chromebooks will have audio/video freezing much sooner than the laptop/desktop users (usually this group have no bandwidth issues). Those same students who switch from a Chromebook to a laptop/desktop have much better results. Though for many of my students they are using a loaner Chromebook because they do not have access to a laptop/desktop.