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  • Kecha Nickson
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    Using technology in the class room has been challenging but also rewarding. My students, who were afraid to use technology, fearing that they just wouldn’t understand or be able to keep up in class, have shown great promise and feel more confident about using technology. For me, although a little frustrating teaching someone how to do something and not using their native language posed some challenges.

    Those challenges are met with anxiety but also kudos as a student is able to master what is being taught. A teacher must have a level of confidence and clarity in how and what they are explaining. It is frustrating for the ESL Student to tackle their English and tackle learning how to use different applications, read English, and study all at once. I have been able to capture my student’s attention because I have always implored patience and kindness towards them. When things get frustrating, I can rely on my relationship with my students to help them through their anxiety and frustration.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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